Personal Development

The “Do It Now” Magic

Stop Boasting Start Doing

“Stop boasting, start doing’ is excellent advice, but it is easier said tha

How Goal Setting Will Help You Achieve Your Financial Freedom

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time,” Zig Zigler. The importance of setting goals can never be overstated.

Without goals, how do you know which direction you are headed? Without clarity on the path, how will you get anywhere? But it is true that most people don’t have

A Better Life Begins with Change

 ‘The only constant in life is change’ – Heraclitus. That being the case, it does seem strange indeed that most people resist change.

It is true that most people are creatures of habit. Anything out of the ordinary challenges them. Many feel rattled. The fear of the unknow

5 signs that you hate your job

“Off course I hate my job. That is why they pay me to do it” is the belief of most people, but it doesn’t have to be that way and it is not that way with all people.

Around 20 % people absolutely cannot stand their jobs. 70% somehow manage to stay afloat and only 10% surprising look

The difference between an entrepreneur and an employee

While there are certain characteristics like being INDEPENDENT, RISK-TAKER, BRAVE, AMBITIOUS, CREATIVE, RESTLESS

MLM Success Rates AND What It Takes to Succeed

General Statistics

If you look at the statistics of any business which is easy to enter and easy to do, it is always going to be dismal. No wonder MLM ranks high up in the hierarchy of such businesses failures. Another business which is right up there on the failure list is

5 Deadly Advertising Blunders to Avoid in Digital Marketing

 “In the internet age, what you lose in perfection you make up in speed”, an internet guru had said in the early days of the internet.

That does hold true to some extent but not when it comes to digital advertising. Your brand is your perceptual territory and you simply cannot affo

Entrepreneur – How to Be Your Own Boss

1) Love What You Do

Passion is key to keeping a business strategy moving. Half-heartedness in an entrepreneurial effort will chip away at your drive to succeed. Perseverance is the one thing that's guaranteed to move anything over time, whether it's a person, a job or an entire