MESHIX is the backbone of OEI's philosophy that embodies six fundamental pillars, intending to hold us and our partners together and on the right path of growth, success and satisfaction.

Concurrently, MESHIX is meant to serve as a blue print for anyone who is seeking sustainable growth from the initiate point of consciousness and self-realization all the way through the completion of mission and actual satisfaction regardless of their financial background, qualification, experience, race, age, gender, and so forth.

The word MESHIX is the combination of Mesh and Mix. The Mesh refers to synergetic connection among the elements of a system and Mix signifies the diversification among those elements through which an entity can effectively go through the growth journey.


This is a system that emphasizes that there is no magic bullet and immediate fix solution for sustainable evolution. The only possible way is to be committed to the following principles and take steady steps in line with a clear roadmap to build massive results of success and satisfaction.