About Us

OEI is all about offering the best wellness and skin care solutions to its customers and empowering independent business partners with a rewarding business opportunity. Under the OEI wings there are two brands, Royal Valens™ and Royal Esènce™. The product lines are carefully harmonized between high quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. 

With an extensive distribution network and a solid business module, OEI have successfully reached across to people of all walks of life to extend its products, services and business opportunities. The exclusive set of products and attractive growth window is the main success and satisfactory factor for customers and partners. Both Royal Valens™ and Royal Esènce™ are expected to fuel rapid growth in the Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian and South African Market in the near future.


Growing Together | Bridging Opportunities | Transforming Lives

To transform lives with our borderless business venture. We strive to make a difference by advocating a holistic lifestyle where health, beauty and wellbeing are enjoyed by everyone.

To establish platforms to create a new emerging market that is rich in fulfilment, wellbeing and desirable lifestyle.